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Aug 25, 2023|5 mins

We support fast growing SMBs and enterprises in the AI product development space to transition to the AWS cloud or improve current cloud practice with a strategic approach, helping them to accelerate innovation. 

Whether your goal is to build the foundational elements of AWS for new applications or to transition, restructure, or redesign your current workloads to make use of cloud-native services, taking advantage of the AWS cloud presents unparalleled benefits. 

Count on us to create tailored AWS migration plans aligned with your AI product development goals. Ensure security best practices, operational excellence, and long-term success, while driving innovation and a competitive edge for your business.

Why Neurons Lab?

Through years of experience, we’ve tailored our cloud practice to meet the unique challenges of fast growing companies creating disruptive AI solutions, helping them migrate rapidly, seamlessly and cost effectively. 

As an AWS Advanced Tier partner and thanks to our AWS certifications and accelerators, we support you to get to market in just 4 sprints with a proactive team of experts who count on years of experience under their belt. 

We collaborate closely with your organization to provide support at every step of the migration journey, from strategic planning to the transition to the cloud environment.

Power your process with our capabilities

We co-innovate to bring the best of our unique capabilities to your cloud migration, implementing solutions tailored to your project’s needs. 

Security and Compliance Management 

  • Cloud foundation and secure landing zones
  • Robust network security implementation
  • Proactive detective and preventive measures 
  • Streamlined compliance and risk management 


  • Efficient CI/CD implementation 
  • Infrastructure as Code (IaC)
  • Comprehensive automated testing strategies
  • Fostering a culture of collaboration and innovation 

Transformative Migration

  • Streamlines DevOps and CI/CD pipelines
  • Application modernization, cloud-native adoptions, and containerization
  • Scalable serverless application development
  • Proactive AWS cost optimization strategies

Data Migration

  • Seamless data lake creation for optimized data storage and retrieval.
  • Efficient ETL processes ensure data integration and consistency.
  • Cutting-edge BI analytics tools for actionable business insights.
  • Robust data governance protocols to maintain data integrity.
  • Strong security measures to protect your critical data assets.

Dive into real examples

We’ve put in the hours. Neurons Lab has already partnered with a host of innovation first companies to support their transition to the cloud. 

Creative Practice Solutions

We collaborated with Creative Practice Solutions to implement a Cloud Native technology to automatically populate a medical note and select the relevant procedure and diagnosis code.

During the project, we created a complete serverless solution with a microservices architecture based on AWS managed services, implementing the following components:

In addition, Amazon API Gateway is secured with AWS WAF, which is a web application firewall that helps protect your web applications or APIs against common web exploits and bots that may affect availability.

Read the full use case here.


We partnered with Posthumously to create a platform for storing memories and generating a digital twin of a deceased loved one using cutting edge technology and the latest scientific research on the stages of grief. The solution consists of the following AWS components:

1. Mobile Application. A user-friendly interface for connecting with memories and passed loved ones built using AWS API Gateway and AWS Lambda for serverless computing, ensuring a responsive and scalable solution.

2. Memory Extraction System. An interactive introspection tool that recursively collects user memories to be stored. This component leverages AWS Lex for natural language understanding.

3. Memory Base Storage. A reliable, long-lasting, and secure storage infrastructure for the memories of all Posthumously users. AWS Kendra is utilized for its intelligent search capabilities, ensuring the privacy and accessibility of user data, as well as providing anonymized access for potential research purposes

4. Digital Avatar. A comprehensive subsystem that captures unique features of user appearances and reproduces them as digital avatars. This component incorporates custom ML models for avatar generation, AWS Polly for voice synthesis, AWS Transcribe for speech-to-text conversion, and other AWS services to create dynamic, talking 3D avatars that closely resemble the individual.

Read the full use case here.

We take a 3-step approach

Neurons Lab follows the AWS Migration Acceleration Program (MAP) which is a proven three-phased framework to help you achieve your migration goals. 

Through MAP, you can build strong AWS cloud foundations, accelerate and reduce risk, and offset the initial cost of migrations. Leverage the performance, security, and reliability of the cloud. 

1. Assess

Assess your organization’s current readiness for operating in the cloud. Most importantly, you want to identify the desired business outcomes and develop the business case for migration.

2. Mobilize 

Create a migration plan and refine your business case. Address gaps in your organization’s readiness that were uncovered in the assess phase, with a focus on building your baseline environment (the “landing zone”), driving operational readiness, and developing cloud skills.

3. Migrate and Modernize

During the migrate and modernize phase, the migration plan is executed. Each application is designed, migrated, and validated taking into account learnings from previous phases. 

Benefits of AWS Cloud

Cost Effectiveness 

Migrating to AWS can lead to substantial cost savings. Based on our previous migration projects, our clients have experienced a reduction in infrastructure and operational costs by up to 70%. This is achievable due to AWS’s flexible pricing models, efficient resource management, and the opportunity to optimize resources over time.

Increased Development Speed

By leveraging AWS services like AWS Lambda, ECS, and the suite of developer tools, we’ve seen that businesses can accelerate their feature development by up to 2x.

Accelerated Compliance

Using AWS, businesses can achieve vital compliance standards like PCI DSS, HIPAA, and GDPR up to 2x faster. AWS’s robust tools, combined with Neurons Lab’s expertise, streamline the compliance journey.

Launch faster

With the combination of AWS’s infrastructure and our expertise, businesses can often launch their MVPs 30% faster. This equates to delivering a viable product in just 4 sprints compared to the 6 sprints it might take using traditional methods.

Elevate Security, Minimize Risk

Establish essential security protocols, regulatory adherence, and supervisory frameworks through integrated AWS security utilities and functionalities, resulting in risk mitigation.

About Neurons Lab

Neurons Lab is an AI service provider that partners with fast-growing companies to co-create disruptive AI solutions, empowering them to gain a competitive edge in their industries. 

Our goal is to help businesses to unlock the full potential of AI technologies with support from our diverse and highly skilled team, made up of applied scientists and PhDs, industry experts, data scientists, AI developers, cloud specialists, user design experts and business strategists with international expertise from across a variety of industries. 

As an AWS Advanced Partner and AWS Machine Learning Competency Partner, Neurons Lab holds expertise in leveraging AWS services to develop and deploy advanced AI and machine learning solutions.

Let’s connect. Reach out to our expert team to discuss your next disruptive project.

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